Desiree Arbo

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Research Fellow

Desiree holds a PhD in Classics and Ancient History from the University of Warwick (2017). Her research interests include early modern global history, Jesuit literature of the Paraguay missions and history of Jesuit libraries in colonial Spanish America.


At the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Neo-Latin Studies she is working on a translation of a treatise by the Jesuit José Manuel Peramás which compared the Guarani missions to Plato’s ideal republic: De administratione guaranica comparata ad rempublicam Platonis commentarius (1793).




Desiree Arbo, 'Plato and the Guarani', in Antiquities and Classical Traditions in Latin America, eds. Andrew Laird and Nicola Miller, Bulletin of Latin American Research (forthcoming 2018).

Desiree Arbo, 'Defining “Movement“ in Global History: The Early Modern Iberian World in a Global Frame (16th-18th centuries)', in Exchanges: The Warwick Research Journal 5 no. 1 (2017): 90-97.

Desiree Arbo and Andrew Laird, 'Columbus, the Lily of Quito and the Black Legend: The Context of José Manuel Peramás' Epic on the Discovery of the New World: De Invento Novo Orbe Inductoque Illuc Christi Sacrificio (1777)' in Dieciocho: Journal of the Spanish Enlightenment 38 no. 1 (Spring 2015): 7-32.


Upcoming talks:

'La circulación de libros y los inventarios de las bibliotecas jesuíticas del Paraguay y el Río de la Plata colonial después de la expulsión (1767).' Ciclo de conferencias 2018: Estudios sobre Europa, el Mundo Mediterráneo y su difusión Atlántica / Polycentric states.  Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Seville. 8 June 2018.