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Workshop: ‚Digitising the Classical Tradition‘


12/10/2018 – 13/10/2018


Institute of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Split

Organisation: Neven Jovanović (Univ. of Zagreb), Martin Korenjak (LBI for Neo-Latin Studies and Univ. of Innsbruck), Braco Lučin (Književni krug Split)

Hosting Institution: Institute of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Split,
Brothers Radić Square, 7, Split

Friday, 12/10/2018

14:00–15:00         Gregory Crane (Leipzig): Early Modern Latin, 21st Century Europe and the work of Transnational Philology

15:00–16:00         Philipp Roelli (Zürich) & Jan Ctibor (Prag): Big Data in Latin Philology: the Corpus Corporum

16:00–16:30         Coffee

16:30–17:30         Neven Jovanovic (Zagreb): Exploring the CAMENA Corpus with BaseX

17:30–18:30         Manuel Huth (Würzburg): Opera Camerarii – a Semantic Database of the Printed Works of Joachim Camerarius (1500–1574)

20:00                   Dinner

Saturday, 13/10/2018

9:00–10:00                   Stefan Zathammer (Innsbruck): Noscemus – A Semantic Database for Scientific Literature in Latin Including a Digital Sourcebook Compiled with the Help of Transkribus

10:00–11:00         Bryan Brazeau (Warwick): Teaching an Old Database New Tricks: Migrating the Vernacular Aristotelianism in Renaissance Italy (VARI) Database to VARI 2.0: Discussion and Demonstration

11:00–11:30         Coffee

11:30–12:30         Peter Sjökvist & Anna Fredriksson (Uppsala): Digital Approaches to Early Modern Dissertations

Event Details
Mon, 01/10/2018 – 17:02