21.12.2015 von lbineolatin

Book presentation: ‚I Manoscritti Classici Latini della Biblioteca Casanatense di Roma‘ by Valerio Sanzotta

The book – together with similar works, such as the catalogue of the manuscripts of Latin classical authors of the National Library of Rome and the catalogue of Greek manuscripts of the National Library of Naples – was officially presented on Monday, 14th of December 2015, at the Conference Room of the National Library in Rome. Invited speakers were Andrea De Pasquale, director of the National Library of Rome; Angela Adriana Cavarra, chair of the ministerial committee „Indici e Cataloghi“; Marco Buonocore, scriptor latinus at the Vatican Library; and Giuseppe De Gregorio, professor of Greek palaeography at the University of Salerno. The catalogue describes 116 manuscripts containing classical authors preserved in the Casanatense Library (founded by the cardinal Girolamo Casanate in 1700), one of the most beautiful and prestigious libraries in Italy.

Event Details
Mon, 21/12/2015 – 17:36
Rome; National Library