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28.05.2019 von lbineolatin

„Est Europa nunc unita …“ Tyrolean School Goes Neo-Latin

On 24 April and 27 May 2019, two Latin classes from the Bundesrealgymnasium in der Au (BRG; Innsbruck) visited Isabella Walser-Bürgler from the LBI’s Education Line to become familiar with the intricate relationship between Europe and Neo-Latin literature.

The pupils were not only eager to hear that many of today’s grappling questions like “Do Britain, Russia or Turkey belong to Europe?” or “What does ‘European identity’ actually mean?” were already part of the early modern Neo-Latin discourse of Europe, but they were also ready to discuss the ambiguous role of the ancient myth of Europa and the bull in the context of the formation of early modern Europe. The LBI expresses its gratitude to Monika Dlaska and Veronika Bleyer, the Latin teachers of the BRG, who made this mutually beneficial collaboration possible.

For further information on the LBI’s and the BRG’s joint work on ‘Europe in Neo-Latin literature’, please also visit the homepage of the BRG under the following link: BRG in der Au: Den Mythos von Europa und dem Stier