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29 Aug 2022 by lbineolatin

LBI at IANLS Congress Leuven 2022

From July 31 to August 05, 2022, the Eighteenth Congress of the International Association for Neo-Latin Studies took place in Leuven, Belgium.

The academic community celebrated “Half a Century of Neo-Latin Studies”. All LBI members participated in the event and gave the following talks:

  • William M. Barton: A Georgic Vision of Newfoundland: Parmenius’ De navigatione (London, 1582)
  • Patryk Ryczkowski: The Role of Epic Poetry in Early Modern Saint-Making (Sébastien Rouillard, Hagiopoea, 1611)
  • Maria Maciejewska: The Boy who Believed: Boys in Jesuit Plays as Role Models for College Students
  • Lav Subaric: National Sentiments in the Jesuit Order and the Role of Vernaculars in Teaching Latin. The Province of Austria in the Second Half of the 17th Century
  • Wolfgang Kofler: Ein Gedicht macht selig: Das Nachleben der Quinque martyres von Francesco Benci SJ
  • Gábor Almási: Critical Notes on a Political Bestseller: Kaspar Schoppe’s Animadversiones in Iusti Lipsii Politica (1629)
  • Martin Korenjak: Atlas: The Strange History of a Book Title
  • Federica Rossetti: Biographies of Seneca in the 15th and 16th Centuries
  • Simon Smets: The Internal Coherence of Angelo Poliziano’s First and Second Books of Letters
  • Irina Tautschnig: Science and the City. Antiquarian Similes in Stay’s Philosophia recentior
  • Dominik Berrens: Ut floreant Musae: Linnaeus’s Naming and Etymology of the Banana
  • Florian Schaffenrath: Cicero and Demosthenes in Basinio da Parma’s Underworld
  • Valerio Sanzotta: Per Ficino e Agostino
  • Stefan Zathammer: Seneca iurista optimus: Seneca als Rechtsgelehrter in der juristischen Literatur der Frühen Neuzeit
  • Tommi Alho: ‘An aurum potest produci per artem chymicam’: James Duport’s Praevaricator-Speech (1631)
  • Isabella Walser-Bürgler: Of Think-Tanks and Tools for Scholarly Self-Fashioning: Inaugural Orations of German Professors around 1700

The LBI organised a reception in the wonderful Faculty Club. It was an occasion to present the institute to the participants of the Congress and meet with friends of the LBI. It was also a reunion of the current team with former LBI fellows and scholars who visited Innsbruck in the past years. (text and pictures: M. Maciejewska)