05.11.2016 von lbineolatin

PhD-Workshop (TuBa 7) „Landschaftsnarrative in Antike und früher Neuzeit“ in Basel

The team of the LBI’s project line „Neo-Latin and Mentalities“ was invited to lead an event for PhD-students on landscape narratives in ancient and early modern times on October 21–22 in Basel. The workshop was co-organized by the Classics institutes of Basel University and Zurich University under the supervision of Prof. Henriette Harich-Schwarzbauer and Anne-Sophie Meyer, MA.

While Martin Korenjak was invited to give the key lecture on „Ruinenlandschaften, Landschaftsruinen. Geschichte, Geologie und die Ästhetik der Zerstörung in der Frühen Neuzeit“, William Barton and Johanna Luggin lead the two-day workshop, in which PhD-students from Basel, Bern, and Strasbourg presented papers concerning landscape and nature in ancient and early modern textual and visual sources.