Workshop on Rethinking the work ethic in early modern Europe

On 2nd and 5th of July, there will be a workshop organised on the history of the work ethic with the goal of discussing the precirculated draft chapters of a volume provisionally entitled “Rethinking the work ethic in early modern Europe” to be published with Palgrave in 2022. The workshop is hosted by the institute but will take place on Zoom.

Next to the authors of the chapters, Pietro Delcrono (Radboud University Nijmegen), Majorie Burghart (CNRS Paris), Giorgio Lizzul (LBI Innsbruck), Gábor Almási (LBI Innsbruck), Graeme Murdock (Trinity College Dublin), Arnoud Visser (University of Utrecht), Dirk van Miert (University of Utrecht), Katharina Rilling (LBI, University of Freiburg), Toon Van Houdt (KU Leuven), Lorenzo Coccoli, Francesca Antonelli (École des Hautes Études en Science Sociales, Paris), Herman Paul (Leiden University) there will be three discussants as well, Sarah Gwyneth Ross (Boston College), Anthony La Vopa (North Carolina), and Sylvain Piron (EHESS, Paris).

Zoom link:

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