Successful Evaluation 2017

From 25-27 January 2017, the LBI underwent an international evaluation. Ingrid De Smet (Warwick), Claudia Schindler (Hamburg), and Marc Laureys (Bonn) were impressed with the scientific output of the LBI during the last three years. Christine Petry (DFG), the official evaluation rapporteur, also appreciated the way the event was conducted. In the end, the LBI was happy to hear that the evaluators recommended the continuation of our research programme and the institute in general for another septennium.

Interim review

Like every LBI, the LBI for Neo-Latin Studies had an interim review in its fourth year. The international panel in charge of this review, held on 6th/7th February 2014, consisted of Dr. Jaqueline Glomski (King’s College London), Prof. Dr. Marc Laureys (University of Bonn), Prof. Nicholas Mann (University of London – School of Advanced Study), and Dr. Verena Kremling, Leibniz-Gemeinschaft, Berlin (Reporter). It attested the LBI excellent work and outstanding influence in the research field.