Latin and the Republic of Letters (Helsinki, 3–4 May 2017)

The Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies organised a conference on Latin and the Republic of Letters, Diachronic Concepts of Education from Oral Tradition to Digital Humanities (4–5 May 2017). Speakers for the event came from numerous different countries, including Russia, the USA and various European states. Key note presentations were given by Gregory Crane and Christopher Celenza.

Annual Meeting of the Classical Association 2017, Canterbury

From the 26–29th April 2017, the Annual Meeting of the Classical Association (UK) took place in Canterbury. In collaboration with the Society for Neo-Latin Studies (SNLS), the LBI organised a round table entitled „Classical Genre and the Shape of Knowledge in Renaissance and Early Modern Latin Writing“. This is the fourth time that the SNLS and the LBI have worked together on representing Neo-Latin Studies in Classical circles in the UK.

LBG - Meet Science with immersive theater performance

As in the last five years, also this year the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft has organized a Meet Science Event in the beautiful location of the Semper Depot in Vienna. On 19 April 2017, more than 500 guests (representatives and steakholders of the most important Austrian science organisations) came together and were deeply impressed, not only by the presentations of the different Ludwig Boltzmann institutes, but also by the performance of the drama group Nesterval.

LBI at the Fifth Annual Neo-Latin Symposium in Cork

The Fifth Annual Neo-Latin Symposium, held heretofore under the auspices of the Kentucky Foreign Language Conference (KFLC), took place on 6-8 April, 2017 in Cork, Ireland, hosted by the Centre for Neo-Latin Studies of the University College Cork in association with the Institute for Latin Studies of the University of Kentucky. Two members of the LBI, Lav Subaric and Valerio Sanzotta, attended the conference and contributed to the discussion. They also received many appreciations for the activities and the work of the LBI.

The LBI at the RSA Meeting 2017

From the 29th March to the 1st April, the Renaissance Society of America held its Annual Meeting in Chicago. Alongside LBI researchers Valerio Sanzotta, William Barton and Gàbor Almàsi a number of the LBI’s current and former fellows also participated in the conference including Rocco Di Dio, Francesco Lucioli and David McOmish. LBI fellows and members contributed papers on topics as wide-spreading as the seventeenth century national Delitiae collections, Florentine philosopher Marsilio Ficino and sixteenth century Calvinist politics.

Presentation of Clementina Marsico's new book on Giovanni Tortelli

LBI associate Clementina Marsico (together with Antonio Manfredi and Mariangela Regoliosi) co-edited a book on the Italian humanist Giovanni Tortelli ("Giovanni Tortelli primo bibliotecario della Vaticana. Miscellanea di studi", Città del Vaticano, Biblioteca Apostolica del Vaticano, 2016).

Event Details
Wed, 05/04/2017 - 17:00
Florence, Palazzo Rucellai in Via della Vigna Nuova 18