Past Conferences

ERC NOSCEMUS and LBI Workshop “Pathos in Neo-Latin Scientific Writing”

The upcoming ERC NOSCEMUS workshop, to be held on the 12th–13th November 2021 in Innsbruck, is co-organized with the LBI for Neo-Latin Studies and dedicated to the topic of “Pathos in Neo-Latin Scientific Writing”: A close look at Neo-Latin scientific works—be they encyclopaedic treatises or dialogues, experiment reports or monographs—shows, in a stunning number of cases, high emotions, enthusiastic expressions of gratitude, praise, wonder and much more.

PONTES X – Ancient Literature and the Scientific Revolution

PONTES X (23–25 September 2021) is dedicated to the reception of ancient literature in the natural sciences of the early modern period. In the age of the Scientific Revolution, the modern sciences emerged in the medium of a literature that was written primarily in Latin and drew, directly or via the Arab Tradition, on ancient classics like Hippocrates, Euclid, or Lucretius as sources or models.

Kaiser Maximilian I. und die neulateinische Literatur

Das Jahrestreffen der DNG (Die neulateinische Gesellschaft, vgl. ) wird am 15./16. Februar 2019 in Innsbruck stattfinden. Weil genau vor 500 Jahren Kaiser Maximilian I., der für den Humanismus in Mitteleuropa von entscheidender Bedeutung war, verstorben ist, widmen sich die Vorträge, die im Rahmen des Jahrestreffens gehalten werden, dieser auch für die Stadt Innsbruck so prägenden Gestalt.

Workshop: 'Digitising the Classical Tradition'

Organisation: Neven Jovanović (Univ. of Zagreb), Martin Korenjak (LBI for Neo-Latin Studies and Univ. of Innsbruck), Braco Lučin (Književni krug Split)

Hosting Institution: Institute of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Split,
Brothers Radić Square, 7, Split



Friday, 12/10/2018


14:00–15:00         Gregory Crane (Leipzig): Early Modern Latin, 21st Century Europe and the work of Transnational Philology

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Mon, 01/10/2018 - 17:02