Evaluation of LBI and Saint Wolfgang project

Like every LBI, the LBI for Neo-Latin Studies had an interim review in its fourth year. The international panel in charge of this review, held on 6th/7th February 2014, consisted of Dr. Jaqueline Glomski (King’s College London), Prof. Dr. Marc Laureys (University of Bonn), Prof. Nicholas Mann (University of London – School of Advanced Study), and Dr. Verena Kremling, Leibniz-Gemeinschaft, Berlin (Reporter). It attested the LBI excellent work and outstanding influence in the research field.

About the enormous importance of Neo-Latin literature

In an interview given to the OST Bridges Magazin (the Online Magazine on Transatlantic Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy, published quarterly by the Office of Science & Technology (OST) at the Austrian Embassy in Washington, DC), the Austrian Federal Minister for Science and Research, Karlheinz Töchterle points out "Neo-Latin studies as an example of a prominent field of research in the Humanities” in Austria (vol. 33, May 2012).