Anders Borggaard

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Anders Borggaard is a doctoral candidate at Aarhus University, Denmark. Having obtained his MA in Classical Philology with a thesis on the relationship between humanist and Lutheran princely ideology and the creation of a Lutheran version of the Pater patriae, his current research focuses on the political, cultural, and religious role of occasional, and in particular funerary, literature in post-Reformation Northern Europe. In his doctoral thesis “Death as Opportunity: The Role of Funerary Literature in 16th Century Northern Europe” (written under the supervision of dr. Trine Hass and prof. dr. Marianne Pade), he takes a Kristevan approach to Neo-Latin funerary literature and explores how such litterae in mortem were used to address and influence society in the time that followed the death of important rulers and princes.

During his time at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute, he will investigate the corpus of Neo-Latin literature written for the death of King Frederik II of Denmark-Norway (1534–1588), focusing in particular on a number of orationes that were given as part of official funerary celebrations across the kingdom, and which may be seen as important vehicles for discourses on politics and religion during the nascent Protestant confessionalisation.