Sandra Perino

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Visiting Fellow

Sandra studied Classics (Philology and Archaeology) and Theology in Freiburg and Bologna. Throughout her studies, she held a scholarship of the Episcopal Scholarship Foundation Cusanuswerk. Since 2019 she’s working on her PhD project, a study of four novels written by Johannes Bisselius (1601–1682). Her PhD Project is also funded by the Cusanuswerk. During her time at the LBI, Sandra focuses on the Jesuit background of Johannes Bisselius in order to outline the Jesuit or Ignatian Poetics in the narrative composition of the four novels. Therefore, not only basic Jesuit writings such as Ignatiusʼ Exercitia Spiritualia, the Ratio Studiorum and other parts of the Monumenta Historica Societatis Jesu, but also literature written by other Jesuit authors of the 17th century are crucial to understand Bisseliusʼ writing and thinking.