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Dominik Berrens

Dominik Berrens completed his studies in classical philology and biology at the University of Freiburg i. Brsg. He earned his doctorate in Greek from the University of Mainz with a thesis on social insects in ancient times. He was involved in the ERC project NOSCEMUS at the University of Innsbruck between 2017 and 2022, where he worked on naming new things and concepts in early modern science as part of his subproject. His habilitation thesis, which resulted from the project, was accepted in November 2022. Recently, Dominik received a DFG grant to produce a commentary on Book 5 of Seneca’s Epistulae morales. This project will be carried out at the University of Mainz.

While at the LBI, Dominik will be working on an introduction to a special journal issue focused on the role of invectives in early modern science, as well as studying the reception of Seneca’s Epistles during that period.