The Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Neo-Latin Studies awards fellowships of €1100 per month to researchers at BA, MA or Postdoc level.

Fellowship Application

The Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Neo-Latin Studies awards fellowships of €1100 per month to researchers at BA, MA or Postdoc level. The fellowships are for 1–6 months. Interested researchers are expected to work on a specific project from the field of Neo-Latin literature and to take residence in Innsbruck during the period of the fellowship. They will take part in the activities of the Institute and discuss their work with its members. A talk at the end of the scholarship period will present the progress/results of the project to a larger audience. Projects with a link to the research programme of the Institute will be given preference, but other projects are also invited. The LBI for Neo-Latin Studies wants to take action for equality. We particularly welcome female applicants and those from an ethnic minority, as these are under-represented at our institute.

Applications, to be sent in English, can be submitted at any time and should be directed by email to bssvpr@arbyngva.yot.np.ng. They should include the following elements:

  • CV
  • a covering letter of max. two pages (the covering letter describes the research project and states the preferred duration as well as the preferred time of the year for the fellowship)
  • list of publications and other scholarly activities
  • writing sample of c. 10–20 pages

Please note that the last applications will be surveyed on July 15, 2023. Applicants will be informed about the outcome of their application within one week after the close of each of these periods. Please, note that the next fellows will be able to start their fellowships in January 2024 at the earliest.

Former Fellows

The LBI fellows so far, in alphabetical order, with their research projects.

  • Alho, Tommi, M.A. (06/2017): Performing and Teaching Latin in the Restauration Grammar School (gnyub@nob.sv)
  • Alvar Nuño, Guillermo, PhD  (03–06/2021): Rodrigo Sánchez de Arévalo’s Latin chronicle Compendiosa Historia Hispanica (1470) (thvyyrezb.nyine@hnu.rf)
  • Andersson, Daniel, Dr. (09/2017–2/2017): The Reception of Horace in 16th Century France
  • Arbo, Desiree, PhD (04/2018–07/2018): Plato and the Guarani: A Translation of José Manuel Peramás’ De administratione guaranica (1793) (qneob86@tznvy.pbz)
  • Bicak, Ivana, PhD (02/2016-04/2016): An Annotated Edition of Late Seventeenth- and Early Eighteenth-century Anglo-Latin Verse (current affiliation: Durham University, vinan.ovpnx@qheunz.np.hx)
  • Borggaard, Anders Kirk, MA (08/2020–10/2020): Neo-Latin literature written for the death of King Frederik II of Denmark-Norway (1534–1588) (n.xvex@pnf.nh.qx)
  • Brammal, Sheldon, PhD (10/2013–03/2014): A Study of Lawrence Humphrey’s Theory of Translation in the lnterpretatio linguarum (Basel, 1559)  (current affiliation: University of Oxford)
  • Budey, Oliver (10/2019–05/2020): Die orationes academicae von Carlo Sigonio  (current affiliation: Universität Freiburg, B.Ohqrl@tzk.qr)
  • Caputo, Gianpaolo, M.A. (12/2012–01/2013): Amando Maria, lodando Leopoldo: religione, potere e poetica nei Piscatoria di N. P. Giannettasio
  • Cascio, Giovanni, PhD (02/2015–07/2015): Benvenuto da Imola e il Bucolicum carmen del Petrarca (pnfpvbtvbinaav@tznvy.pbz)
  • Cattaneo, Gianmario, PhD (10/2018–12/2018): Nicolaus Scutellius and the reception of Plato in the sixteenth century (tvnaznevb_pnggnarb@yvoreb.vg)
  • Comiati, Giacomo, PhD (09/2020–11/2020): Sixteenth-Century Latin Translations of Petrarch’s Sonnets (tvnpbzb.pbzvngv@yvoreb.vg)
  • Coroleu Lletget, Alejandro, PhD (06/2021): Neo-Latin Writings on the War of the Spanish Succession (nyrwnaqeb.pbebyrh@vpern.pnt)
  • Dänzer, Caroline (geborene Weber), M.A. (08/2015–01/2016): Die Chorkonzeption von Jakob Balde in der Tragödie (pnebyvar.qnramre@jro.qr)
  • Debertol, Markus, MMag. (02/2017–03/2017): Stereotypen am Hof Kaiser Maximilians I. (znexhf.qroregby@fghqrag.hvox.np.ng)
  • Dedieu, Alexia, M.A. (05–07/2022): The Reception of Euripides in Florent Chrestien (nyrkvn.qrqvrh@havi-teraboyr-nycrf.se)
  • Della Schiava, Fabio, PhD (06/2020–09/2020): Critical Edition of Maffeo Vegio’s De rebus antiquis memorabilibus basilicae S. Petri Romae (snovb.qryynfpuvnin@xhyrhira.or)
  • De Smet, Ingrid, prof. (04/2022–06/2022): The Seal of Secrecy, the Seal of Confession: a Renaissance Paradox? (current affiliation: University of Warwick)
  • Di Dio, Rocco, PhD (02/2017–05/2017): Marsilio Ficino and Renaissance Doctrine of Beauty and Love. Preparatory Notes for the De Amore (ebppb.qvqvb@ubgznvy.vg)
  • Dormandy, Michael, BA (07/2013–08/2013): Words of Encouragement: Bartholomaeus Holzhauser’s Epistola Fundamentalis Considered and Compared to Contemporary British, Protestant Exhortatory Literature (currently studying Theology at Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford)
  • East, Katherine, PhD (03/2014–05/2014): The Function of the Ciceronian Tradition in John Toland’s Pantheisticon (1720)
  • Favaro, Maiko, PhD (08/2013–12/2013): On Ovid’s Reception in the Renaissance: The Metamorphoses by Federico Frangipane (current affiliation: Freie Universität Berlin)
  • Forgács, Robert, PhD (05/2013–07/2013): The Music of the Benedictine and Jesuit Schuldramen in 18th Century Austria and Germany: Mozart, His Predecessors and Contemporaries  (current affiliation: University of Sydney, eboreg@sbetnpf.vq.nh)
  • Galli, Maria Teresa, PhD (11/2014–04/2015): I Centones ex Virgilio di Lelio Capilupi (1555): un caso neolatino di scomposizione e ricomposizione di Virgilio (pryfvhf.nc@ubgznvy.pbz)
  • Goda, Krizstina, Mag. (04/2017–05/2017): Artes et Scientiae (xevfmgvan.tbqn@rqh.hav-tenm.ng)
  • Gordeziani, Lika, MA (01/2018–02/2018): Die Adagia des Erasmus von Rotterdam als Fürstenspiegel (yvxntbeqrmvnav@lnubb.se)
  • Germain, Gerard González, PhD (10/2014–01/2015): The reception of Classics in the Florentine Chancery: Agostino Vespucci, Renaissance Reader and Neo-Latin Writer (current affiliation: University of Alcalá, treneqttreznva@tznvy.pbz)
  • Hadley, Patrick, M.A. (09/2012–02/2013): Nicodemus Frischlin’s Approach to the Byzantine Triad of Aristophanes (current affiliation: University of Utah, cgfhcrefpevcg@tznvy.pbz)
  • Houghton, Luke, PhD (02/2014–05/2014): The Neo-Latin “nativity eclogue”  (current affiliation: University of Reading)
  • Huth, Manuel (07/2020–09/2020): Die naturkundlichen Schriften des Humanisten Joachim Camerarius (1500–1574) (znahry.uhgu@znvyobk.bet)
  • Iurlaro, Francesca, PhD (10/2018–12/2018): Lessons from shepherds – Alberico Gentili’s Lectionis Virgilianae Variae Liber ad Robertum filium (1603) (current affiliation: Università degli Studi di Milano, Senaprfpn.Vheyneb@rhv.rh)
  • Kaiser, Ronny, M.A. (11/2016–01/2017): Das Geschichtsbild in der Pomerania Johannes Bugenhagens (current affiliation: FU Berlin, ebaal.xnvfre@fgnss.uh-oreyva.qr)
  • Laizans, Martins (01/2020–08/2020): The Didactic Poetry of Basilius Plinius (znegvaf.ynvmnaf@yh.yi)
  • Lizzul, Giorgio, PhD  (07–09/2021): Venetian humanists’ discussion of public finance in the fifteenth century: Domenico Morosini (1417–1509), De bene instituta re publica (Tvbetvb.Yvmmhy@jnejvpx.np.hx)
  • Lucioli, Francesco, PhD (01/2016–06/2016): Theory of Theatre in Bernardino Stefonio (current affiliation: University College Dublin, senaprfpb.yhpvbyv@hpq.vr)
  • Malavesi, Massimiliano, PhD (04/2017–06/2017): Il Momus di Famiano Strada (zn.znyninfv@tznvy.pbz)
  • Marsico, Clementina, PhD (07/2014–08/2014): On Virgil’s Reception in the Renaissance: The Elegantie by Lorenzo Valla  (current affiliation: Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for NeoLatin Studies, pyrzragvan.znefvpb@arbyngva.yot.np.ng)
  • McOmish, David, PhD (06/2016–07/2016): The Latin Literary Context of the Scientific Revolution in Scotland (Qnivq.ZpBzvfu@tynftbj.np.hx)
  • Meyer, Jonathan, BA/MAR (10/2013–01/2014): The Last Latin Novels from the Habsburg Empire: Texts and Contexts (current affiliation: Johns Hopkins University, wzrlre47@wuh.rqh)
  • Miguel Franco, Ruth, PhD (03/2018): Edition of the First Book of Valla’s Elegantie (ehgu.zvthry@hvo.rf)
  • Montepaone, Olivia, M.A. (08/2014–09/2014): The reception of Seneca’s Apocolocyntosis in Celio Secondo Curione’s Pasquillus extativus (1544)  (current affiliation: Università degli Studi di Milano, byvivn.zbagrcnbar@havzv.vg)
  • Nicholas, Lucy, PhD (05–08/2019): Looking at the Sixteenth-Century through a Latin lens. The prose and verse of Walter Haddon (yhpl.avpubynf@xpy.np.hx)
  • Nilsson, Astrid, PhD (11/2021–04/2022): An anthology of Neo-Latin poetry from Northern Europe.
  • Oba, Haruka (08/2015–09/2015): Die Wahrnehmung Japans im Heiligen Römischen reich und der Eidgenossenschaft in der Frühen Neuzeit (unehxn0508@ubgznvy.pbz)
  • Orbán, Áron, M.A. (06/2016–08/2016): Solar-Symbolismus und poetische Selbstrepräsentation in der Dichtung des Konrad Celtis und seiner Sodalen (beonaneba@tznvy.pbz)
  • Patterson, Tyler, M.A. (072019–08/2019): Poggio Bracciolini’s De Varietate Fortunae I. A New All-Latin Edition and Commentary for Intermediate Students (current affiliation: University of Southern California, gacnggre@hfp.rqh)
  • Petneházi, Gábor, PhD (04/2017–07/2017): Politics and Historiography in Hungary in the 16th Century (crgarunmv_tnobe@lnubb.vg)
  • Piccone, Carla, PhD (05/2015–07/2015): Revision der kritischen Edition der Felsinais Vidas (pneyn.cvppbar@tznvy.pbz)
  • Rack, Melissa,PhD  (08/2021): The Reception and Imitation of Catullus via Neo-Latin Authors in Spenser’s Shorter Lyric Verse (ynynynzenpx@tznvy.pbz)
  • Rainer, Rupert, MA (11/2021–04/2022): Chariton polis: The City of Graces.
  • Rossetti, Federica, PhD (10/2017–03/2018): The Reception of Persius and Seneca in the Sixteenth Century (srqre.ebffrggv@tznvy.pbz)
  • Rothfuß, Theresa, Dr. (07/2020–08/20): Übersetzung der Bernatum urbis delineatio des Thomas Schöpf (Gurerfn.Ebgushff@tlzanfvhz-bggboehaa.qr)
  • Ryczkowski, Patryk, MMag (11/2018–05/2019): Susanna im Bade – Susanna im Gedicht: Zur literarischen Technik der biblischen Nacherzählung in der Paraphrasis historiae de Susanna (current affiliation: cngelx.elpmxbjfxv@tznvy.pbz)
  • Sandis, Elizabeth, MPhil (07/2014–09/2014): On the relationship between grammar schools and university drama in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century England (current affiliation: Merton College, University of Oxford, R.Fnaqvf@ounz.np.hx)
  • Schirg, Bernhard, Dr. (08/2017–09/2017): Die lateinischen Dialoge des Mario Equicola (current affiliation: Universität Erfurt, oreauneq.fpuvet@tzk.qr)
  • Sernicola, Roberto, M.A. (09/2014–11/2014): Epistola apologetica ad Quintum Marium Corradum (1567)
  • Shore, Paul, PhD (08/2016–09/2016): Baroque Jesuits and the Qur’an: Secrets, Surprises, and Scripture (current affiliation: University of Regina, fuber.fyh@tznvy.pbz)
  • Sideri, Cecilia, PhD  (06–08/2021): Cristoforo Landino’s knowledge of Greek as witnessed in some of his autograph manuscripts (‘zibaldoni’) preserved in Florence, Biblioteca Riccardiana (prpvyvn.fvqrev@havir.vg)
  • Silvano, Luigi, PhD (11/2016–01/2017): Witnessing the Fall of Constantinople. Ubertino Puscolo and Isidore of Kiew (current affiliation: Sapienza Università di Roma, yhvtv.fvyinab@havgb.vg
  • Stefaniw, Katharina, PhD candidate (07–08/2021): Nicolaus Cusanus: Coniectura de ulitmis diebus (xngunevan.fgrsnavj@hav-ghrovatra.qr)
  • Stepanic, Gorana, PhD (07/2015–07/2015): Latin Pattern Poetry in the 17th and 18th Century Habsburg Lands (tfgrcnavp@lnubb.pbz)
  • Tardelli, Claudia, PhD (04/2018–06/2018): Critical edition of Breve Compendium on Dante’s Commedia (p.gneqryyvgreel@tznvy.pbz)
  • Toribio, Pablo, PhD (03/2016–06/2016): Martin Seidels Origo et fundamenta religionis Christianae (1580) (cnoyb.gbevovb@ppuf.pfvp.rf)
  • Urban-Godziek, Grażyna, prof. (04/2022–06/2022): The earliest Neo-Latin paraclausithyron as a background for elegiac Latin and Polish output of Jan Kochanowski (current affiliation: University of Cracow)
  • Urlings, Sam, M.A. (04/2021–05/2021): St Augustine in Coluccio Salutati (fnz.heyvatf@xhyrhira.or)
  • Vorobyev, Grigory, PhD (05/2018–09/2018): Das frühneuzeitliche Nachleben der von Theodor Gaza eingeführten Tiernamen (tibebolri@ufr.eh)
  • Xinyue, Bobby, PhD (08/2017): Redesigning Time: the politics of Renaissance poetic calendars (lk213@yrvprfgre.np.hx)