The Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Neo-Latin Studies awards fellowships of €1100 per month to researchers at BA, MA or Postdoc level. The fellowships are for 1–6 months. Interested researchers are expected to work on a specific project from the field of Neo-Latin literature and to take residence in Innsbruck during the period of the fellowship. They will take part in the activities of the Institute and discuss their work with its members. A talk at the end of the scholarship period will present the progress/results of the project to a larger audience.

Former Fellows

The LBI fellows so far, in alphabetical order, with their research projects

  • Alho, Tommi, M.A. (06/2017): Performing and Teaching Latin in the Restauration Grammar School (talho@abo.fi)
  • Alvar Nuño, Guillermo, PhD  (03–06/2021): Rodrigo Sánchez de Arévalo’s Latin chronicle Compendiosa Historia Hispanica (1470) (guillermo.alvar@uah.es)
  • Andersson, Daniel, Dr. (09/2017–2/2017): The Reception of Horace in 16th Century France