Business Meeting of the Japan Project

On Saturday, August 28th 2017, Haruka Oba (Faculty of Literature, Kurume University, Japan), a former LBI fellow and currently a partner in the project “Japan on the Jesuit Stage” visited Innsbruck. She had lunch with the LBI team members and discussed the details of the project with Maria Maciejewska and Florian Schaffenrath. They talked about a planned workshop in Japan and an upcoming conference on Jesuit drama, which will take place in Vienna in summer 2018.

Akihiko Watanabe: 'Early Modern Japan, Neo-Latin, and European Classical Humanism'

On Thursday, 7th September 2017, Akihiko Watanabe gave the talk:

Early Modern Japan, Neo-Latin, and European Classical Humanism

The talk was followed by a discussion.


Akihiko Watanabe (Otsuma Women's University, Tokyo University; Japan), a collaborator in the project “Japan on the Jesuit Stage” spent a few days in Innsbruck (6-11 September 2017).

Event Details
Thu, 07/09/2017 - 18:00
Atrium SR 5, Langer Weg 11

Gerard González-Germain's Book on Vespucci is published

Our former fellow Gerard Germain González who was in Innsbruck from October 2014 to January 2015 has published his edition of Agostino Vespucci's De situ ... Hispaniae libellus. The LBI congratulates!

Agostino Vespucci, A Description of All Spain. De situ, longitudine, forma et divisione totius Hispaniae libellus, critical edition, translation, introduction and notes ed. by Gerard González Germain, Roma, Viella, 2017, pp. VIII + 247.

Former Fellow Luigi Silvano published Book on Early Modern Education

Our former LBI fellow Lugi Silvano from Turin, who was in Innsbruck from November 2016 to January 2017, published a collection of essays on eduaction in early modern times. Congratulations!

Federica Ciccolella / Luigi Silvano (eds.): Teachers, Students, and Schools of Greek in the Renaissance (Brill’s Studies in Intellectual History 264), Leiden: Brill, 2017.