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12 Jun 2023 von lbineolatin

Book Launch in Kufstein

On May 25, 2023 our LBI organised a launch of the new book by Hermann Niedermayr and Gerhard Frener in Kufstein.

Georgius Gemnicensis: Ephemeris sive Diarium peregrinationis transmarinae. Georg von Gaming: Martin Baumgartners Pilgerreise nach Ägypten, auf den Berg Sinai, ins Heilige Land und nach Syrien in den Jahren 1507 und 1508 (Vienna, 2022):

More than 50 people came to the Landesmusikschule Kufstein where Klaur Reitberger (Kulturreferent) and Florian Schaffenrath gave short introductions, before Niedermayr and Frener presented the book in more detail. As the text describes a trip made by travellors from Kufstein to Jerusalem in 1507/08, these explanations were of a special interest to the current inhabitants of Kufstein …