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29 Mai 2015 von lbineolatin

Bücher auf Reisen – Reisen in Büchern

On Friday 29th May a current fellow of the LBI, Giovanni Cascio, presented a paper about the first version of Petrarch’s Itinerarium in the context of a workshop (Bücher auf Reisen – Reisen in Büchern) organized by Cecilia Mussini and Stefano Rocchi at the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek in Munich. Other papers have been held by Claudia Wiener, Bernd Posselt and by the two organizers. A member of the LBI, Valerio Sanzotta, was also present. This workshop intended to honour the memory of a Poliziano scholar, Alessandro Daneloni, who sadly passed away prematurely in 2014. After the workshop, prof. Vincenzo Fera of the University of Messina presented the last book by Daneloni on the travelbooks of Poliziano (Per l’edizione critica delle note di viaggio del Poliziano).