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22.05.2018 von lbineolatin

Croatian Embassador Visits the LBI

On Tuesday, 22 May 2018, her excellency Dr Vesna Cvjetković, the embassador of the Republic of Croatia in Austria, visited the Tyrol. Beside meeting the governor and the rector of the University of Innsbruck, she also came to see the LBI: Before her diplomatic carreer, Dr Cvjetković was in academia and is still a member of the classics department of the University of Zagreb. Her excellency showed great interest in the manifold activities of the institute, and it goes without saying that she especially appreciated the collaboration between the LBI and the Neo-Latinists in Croatia. Lav Šubarić and Johanna Luggin presented our guest with a copy oftheir recently published book Neo-Latin contexts in Croatia and Tyrol: challenges, prospects, case studies, while her excellency donated a book on the history of Croatian language to the institute library.