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19.11.2017 von lbineolatin

Entdeckung der Landschaft

The proceedings of the second „Montafon Summit“ („Montafoner Gipfeltreffen“), held in June 2015 at Partenen and coorganised by the LBI, have been published with Böhlau:

Kasper, M. / Korenjak, M. / Rollinger, R. / Rudigier, A. (eds.), Entdeckungen der Landschaft. Raum und Kultur in Geschichte und Gegenwart. Wien / Köln / Weimar 2017.

The book, to be presented on November 19th at Bregenz, provides an overview of the perception and conceptualization of landscape from the Ancient East to the present day. The role of Neo-Latin literature in this context is elucidated in contributions by William Barton and Johanna Luggin on words for „landscape“ in early modern Latin and on Latin landscape descriptions in early modern England.