23 Feb 2021 von lbineolatin

Publication of Isabella Walser-Bürgler’s Overview of European Integration in Neo-Latin Literature

The LBI is delighted to announce the publication of Isabella Walser-Bürgler’s short monograph, entitled Europe and Europeanness in Early Modern Latin Literature: Fuitne Europa tunc unita? It is the first issue of the newly instated series ‘Brill’s Research Perspectives in Latinity and Classical Reception in the Early Modern Period’, which is edited by Gesine Manuwald, the current president of the Society for Neo-Latin Studies (SNLS).

Walser-Bürgler’s study constitutes a thorough survey of the origins, the history, and the manifestations of European identity and communality in the Latin literature of the Early Modern Period. Embedded in the framework of both contemporary and present-day European integration, it unveils a startling panorama of texts and notions expressing early modern Europeanness. It serves as a reference work for students and scholars from the fields of Neo-Latin studies, early modern history, and the history of ideas, and anyone interested in the formation of Europe.

For more information on the book, please visit the publisher’s website.