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Delila Jordan


Delila Jordan studied Classical Philology – Latin and Ancient History at the University of Innsbruck. For her MA theses, she dealt with a Neo-Latin itinerary written by the Tyrolean nobleman Martin Baumgartner who travelled to Jerusalem at the beginning of the 16th century (MA Classical Philology) and with the literary relation of Herodotus II 142–144 and Plato, Timaios 21d–24 (MA Ancient History). Her research interests include Neo-Latin travelogues, epic poetry, and Late Antique grammarians and commentators.

In April 2021, Delila Jordan started to work in the one-year project “Veröffentlichung der Grunddaten der Tyrolis Latina”. She is responsible for preparing an online publication of the data collected in the Tyrolis Latina-project.


Die beiden frühneuzeitlichen Editionen des Berichts von Martin Baumgartners Reise ins Heilige Land zwischen literarischer Aneignung und wissenschaftlicher Editionsarbeit, in: Neulateinisches Jahrbuch / Journal of Neo-Latin Language and Literature 23/2021.