Simon Smets

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Simon Smets’ main interests lie in humanist epistolary literature, Neo-Latin epic and Quattrocento literary culture in general. He read Classics at Ghent University, where he finished his BA with a dissertation on Marsilio Ficino’s letters under the supervision of Professor Wim Verbaal. He moved to University College London to be enrolled in the Medieval and Renaissance Studies MA. There, he complemented his literary background with a more historical approach to the Italian Renaissance. This resulted in an MA thesis on again Ficino’s letters, which was supervised by Professor Gesine Manuwald.

In February 2019, Smets came to the LBI in order to work with Dr Anna Chisena and Professor Florian Schaffenrath on the FWF funded edition of Basinio da Parma’s epic poem Hesperis, for which he will provide the English translation and contribute to the commentary. He is also working on a PhD project that investigates the poetics of the collection in humanist epistolaries; he is supervised by Professor Gesine Manuwald and Em. Professor Dilwyn Knox.